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Cleaning of Animal of Waste and Carcass

Cleaning of Animal Waste and Carcass

Cleaning of Animal Waste and Carcass

It goes without saying that vermin, insects and other pests are unwelcome in your home or place of work. However, many pests are adept at finding ways in and are very difficult to get rid of. At HyScene, we are fully trained in the art of eliminating vermin from your premises, as well as waste, carcasses and the threat of disease that they may carry.

Areas that are often affected by active infestations or evidence of infestations such as waste and carcasses, include:

  • Vacant or void properties
  • Older houses and buildings
  • Countryside homes and buildings on or near farms
  • Roofs, windows and sills
  • Underground areas
  • Bins, tips or other refuse areas
  • Any areas providing entry to wasps, ants and flies

Threats Posed by Vermin

Unwanted vermin can pose serious health risks to humans, including:

  • Rodent-borne diseases such as lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV) found in mouse and rat waste
  • Hantavirus transmitted to humans upon inhalation of air-borne rodent waste or carcass particles
  • Diseases such as encephalitis, histoplasmosis and e-coli found in bird droppings
  • Bird flu (avian flu) from any kind of contact with infected birds
  • Typhoid, cholera, dysentery and salmonella carried by over 7,000 species of fly in the UK
  • Painful wasp stings or ant bites

HyScene Extermination and Disposal Process

Our infestation control program allows us to assess your premises and identify the source(s) of the infestation. We will then carry out an appropriate remedy as well as implement techniques designed to prevent further trouble.

Our skilled operatives use EC registered products and government recommended equipment to dispose of waste, as dry sweeping droppings causes particles to become air-borne and potentially more harmful. We will also dispose of animal carcasses using approved biohazard waste bags and fully disinfect the area with Prochem anti-microbial products in compliance with BS EN 1276.

HyScene services are available 24/7 throughout the North West of England, in areas such as Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.