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Cleaning of Hoarding and Gross Filth

Cleaning of Hoarding and Gross Filth

Cleaning of Hoarding and Gross Filth

Gross filth is, sadly, a common occurrence for those that are elderly, infirm and physically or mentally unwell. Homes can soon become uninhabitable as a result of hoarding, as well as built-up food and human waste. This makes it almost impossible for the resident to bathe, cook, clean, sleep, move around or even leave the property. Gross filth also leads to potential biohazards and the attraction of vermin.

Extreme Cleanup Process

HyScene biohazard cleaning services are fully equipped to deal with a home where hoarding and gross filth has become a debilitating issue. On arrival at the property, our specialists will:

  • Inspect the premises for any biohazards
  • Correctly dispose of all biohazards such as food, human waste, animal waste, bodily fluids and clinical waste
  • Professionally dispose of all non-hazardous waste
  • Treat and clean all areas of built-up mould
  • Carry out any necessary vermin infestation control and prevention
  • Fully disinfect the entire property using anti-microbial cleaning products in compliance with BS EN 1276
  • Install appropriate waste systems for use after we have left

Respectful and Discreet Service

At HyScene, we pride ourselves on conducting a respectful and compassionate service. Our experienced cleaners are considerate of the resident themselves and their personal belongings when disposing of waste and hoarded items.

Our services are available throughout the North West including areas such as Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.