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Cleaning of Vacant and Void Property

 Cleaning of Vacant Property

Cleaning of Vacant Property

Vacant or void properties can often become hotspots for squatters, drug abuse, vermin, biohazards, rubbish and debris. These locations must undergo full inspection, hazard removal and extreme cleaning before any restoration or habitation can begin. At HyScene, we specialise in all kinds of hazard detection and removal, as well as full disinfection and restoration of areas that have been subject to biohazards, filth and squalor.

Potential Hazards

The list of possible hazards and dangers at a vacant or void site is seemingly endless, including:

  • Drugs paraphernalia
  • Human waste and other bodily fluids
  • Food waste
  • Dilapidated furniture
  • Debris
  • Our specialist team is fully trained to dispose of all potential hazards using government recommended disposal methods.

Specialist Treatment and Process

Once on site, our specialists will:

  • Secure the site, making it safe for us and inaccessible to any unwanted visitors
  • Sweep the area for needles, bodily fluids and other biohazards using personal protection and specialist equipment
  • Safely and correctly dispose of all biohazards
  • Efficiently dispose of all other forms of non-hazardous debris
  • Carry out any necessary animal infestation control and prevention
  • Thoroughly decontaminate and disinfect the area using products complying with BS EN 1276

HyScene experts are here to fully neutralise and restore your location to its original condition, leaving no trace of squatters, drug abuse or other unwanted uses of the premises. Our vacant and void property cleanup services are carried out by fully trained, fully insured, professional technicians and are available throughout the North West of England.